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  • Cassandra bedroom Range
  • Ibiza Bedroom Range
  • Willow Bedroom Range
  • Ballantyne Bedroom Range
  • Burnley bedroom Range
  • Whisper Bedroom Range
  • Rowan Bedroom Furniture
  • Misty Bay Bedroom Range
  • San Pedro Mirrored bedroom Furniture
  • Avery Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Phoenix Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Mallee Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Laurion Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Loft Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Garret Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Provincial Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Monterey Bedroom Furniture Range
  • Prague Bedroom Furniture
  • Amalie Bedroom Furniture
  • antique white rattan french style bed
  • Laguna Blue Velvet Wing Headboard Bed
  • ONTARIO Solid Oak Bed In Lime Wire Brushed Weathered Finish
  • ONTARIO Solid Oak Bed In Lime Wire Brushed Weathered Finish
  • Ella mirrored furniture

Welcome to Bradshaw Australia

Sales and Support Office opening hours: Monday - Friday: 09:30am - 4:30pm

Bradshaw Australia is a leading global supplier of high end furniture. As well as being based in Australia we are part of the Bradshaw group which has bases in the UK, Europe and South Africa to name a few. As a large supplier to leading high end furniture high street chains in the UK such as: Next, Dreams and House of Fraser, we are now able to supply the trends and traditions straight from Europe here in Australia.

We only supply our products on a wholesale basis to retailers/e-tailers of quality furniture, and Bradshaw Australia do not supply or sell to the end user.

We are excited to be able to bring this wealth of expertise from trend prediction analysts, designers, product developers and invaluable infrastructure of production, quality control and warehousing facilities to Australia.

Bradshaw Australia is already a well established and well known product name throughout Australia and New Zealand for its range of cast and wrought iron beds and for its quality craftsmanship and extensive broad range of designs.

Our metal beds are solid, practical and yet still able to retain the unique timeless quality of a Victorian or traditional cast bed.

Our range of premium Australian hardwood products continue our tradition of artisan construction and workmanship - with shapes and styles that speak of the warmth and beauty of timber.

Our new range of Timber, Metal, Leather, Glass and Mirror furniture will inspire and set the trend in Australia and New Zealand.

Due to our ownership of factories in Asia and other parts of the globe, we are able to offer FOB container direct sales to customers, at significantly lower prices than purchasing from wholesale stocked product here in Australia. If you have a specific requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

We can manufacture a wide variety of products, including bespoke and OEM product in our own manufacturing facilities. We can assist with designs, through to samples, and then into final mass production. We specialise in sourcing the best factories and obtaining the best quality products at the best prices. Please contact us for further information.