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All orders received through this website are Purchase Orders and not paid for orders. Credit account holder orders will processed in accordance with our standard account terms. Non credit account holder orders or pro-forma account orders will be required to make payment for any orders received prior to goods being dispatched.

By setting up an account with Bradshaw Australia, you are also agreeing to us sending you information via email. This may be special offers, company information, price lists, product information etc. We do not pass on or share any of your information with 3rd parties. You will have the option to opt out of emails in any of the email correspondence sent to you.

Where a credit account is offered, our payment terms are strictly 30 days from the date of Invoice/dispatch, not from the date you receive the goods. After the 30 days all Invoices will become due for payment. Any accounts that are over this time frame will be put ion Stop Credit. No orders, CSR's etc can or will be processed whilst the account is in arreas. Should the account continually be in arrears, we reserve the right to cancel the credit account and transfer this to a Pro-forma account, where payment will be required prior to any orders being dispatched or processed. If payment is not received by 45 days from date of Invoice, we may at our discretion send this to a debt collection agency. In this event, interest and additional charges may be applied to the outstanding debt on a pro-rata basis and may result in cancellation of the credit account facility. 

 Notwithstanding that the goods shall in whole or in part be at risk of the customer the property and the goods shall remain with the Company until they have been paid for by the purchaser.

In the case of the customer being declared insolvent, the Company may enter the premises of the customer and remove the goods supplied by the Company for which payment has not been made in full.

Carriage of goods is the responsibility of the customer even though title may not have been passed from the company. This should include the appropriate carrier Insurance required to cover any transit damages.

Any shortages must be notified to us within 24 hours of receiving your delivery.  After this time we cannot accept liability for any short deliveries or missing items. Please ensure that all cartons are checked off accurately against our provided delivery note, and that all part numbers on the cartons match the delivery note. 

As a specialist retailer of furniture, we expect you to provide the "first line of service" with all CSR and warranty claims. Basic issues must be solved and professional advice must be provided by you the retailer on our behalf.

When a delivery is made to your store or warehouse, it is your repsonsibility to check the delivered items product codes againat the goods received. Any incorrect items, shortages etc must be notified to us immediately. Please note that it is the retailers responsibility to check that the correct product has been received. We accept no responsibilty or costs for the incorrect product being supplied to your customer.

We cannot accept customer service reports (CSR) for transit damaged Items. All of our Items are Inspected at the factory and prior to dispatch from our warehouse. Any transit damage must be reported to your carrier and a claim filed directly with your carrier.

We will accept CSR's for all warranty related claims in accordance with our terms and allowing for but not withstanding normal wear and tear on the unit.

In all cases, for us to consider any CSR claims, the end user must contact you in writing within 24 hours to report any loss or damages. We will require to see a copy of this and supporting Images before we can look into the issue further to ascertain if it is a valid CSR claim or not. Claims made for damage or loss after this time frame will not be accepted. 

CSR Claim Requirements

For all Customer Service Reports regarding damaged goods or warranty claims we will require the following information for our assessment of the CSR and for Quality Control purposes.

We will reject any claim if this information is not provided.

  • Original Purchase Order Number:
  • Invoice Number:
  • Product details:
  • Date customer took ownership of goods:
  • Date of when customer reported issue:
  • Copy of signed POD from delivery to customer OR signed documentation clearly showing the date of collection by the customer.
  • Clear Images and description of damaged goods

We cannot accept liability for transit damage where the carrier has been employed and nominated by you. We advise that adequate transit insurance is put in place to avoid incurring additional costs. 

We suggest all of our customers visually inspect any items prior to being delivered to their customer. This will help to avoid any unwanted carrier & labour costs. In our experience this reduces the chance for damage or fault claims against you, and also puts the owness onto any third party carrier to deliver in the same condition it leaves your premises.  

All CSR claim products that are returned to us must meet with and match the description of the fault(s) provided on the CSR. If there are additional damages or faults when we receive the Item(s), we will not issue a credit for the Item(s), or we may reduce the amount to be credited accordingly. This will be judged on a case by case basis. No exceptions.

Please note that we cannot and do not ship to, or deal with your customer at any time. Any replacement parts or products will be delivered to our customers Invoice address only.

We are not liable, nor do we accept liability for any carriage costs where a faulty or transit damaged item has to be collected and re-delivered to your customer either by your company or a third party carrier. Our product warranty covers replacement items or replacement item parts only subject to our CSR policy and terns and conditions. Each individual case will be dealt with individually and on its merit. We do not deal with end users, as such we inisist that all communications are limited between you (our customer) and ourselves, and you (our customer) and your end user customer. We will not communicate with your customer on your behalf. 

Retaining Packaging ~ Please request that your customers retain the packaging until they have fully inspected the item, or if you offer an unwrap service, please do not take the packaging away until the customer has fully inspected the item.  The packaging will be needed for safe shipment of the item back to us, as well as us needing the PURCHASE ORDER (Batch) NUMBER from the box (Not to be confused with your own Purchase Order Number).

Transit Damage CSR's

We advise that your nominated carrier is a Professional Furniture Carrier, and they must inspect the cartons on delivery from us. You must then fully unwrap & inspect the item(s) on delivery to you, and inform us within 24 hours of receipt of any transit damage issues. In our experience this reduces the chance for damage or fault claims against you, and also puts the owness onto any third party carrier to deliver in the same condition it leaves your premises.

We are not liable for any transportation or installation costs incurred delivering/collecting the products between you & your customer.

We reserve the right to request a faulty or damaged product to be returned for inspection prior to any replacements or credits are applied. We also reserve the right to request the customer to keep or dispose of a faulty or transit damaged item. 

Payment terms are net 30 days. All late payments and /or outstanding amounts over 30 days will Incur a late payment penalty of 5%.

Invoice date will start from the date of dispatch from our warehouse. We are not responsible for the duration of time it may take for your nominated carrioer to deliver the goods.

Any outstanding amounts over 45 days will be sent of for debt collection. Additional fees will be charged by the collection agency.

Any credit account that has outstanding amounts of 45 days or older will have their credit account removed and future purchases will only be possible by pro-forma - payment with order.

Delivery may be withheld if above terms are not met or if credit limit is exceeded or at the discretion of the Company.

Unless stated, all special offer prices and standard prices listed on this site do not include freight.

We cannot accept forward orders for longer than 30 days.  Priority will always be given to orders required Immediately.  As such we will not gurantee stock availability for any order placed that is required more than 30 days after the order received date. We will dispatch all forward orders at 30 days to the customers chosen carrier provided that the stock is still available at that time. If not then the stock will automatically go onto backorder.

We reserve the right to charge additional transport fees, administration fees, and restocking fees on any orders that are dispatched in accordance with the customers requirements, and subsequently we are requested to accept/collect these orders back. Please note that we not obliged to accept cancelled or returned orders, and these must be approved by us prior to this happening. Any unauthorised returns will be rejected and turned away. For orders that have been dispatched, there will be a  minimum charge of $120 + GST pick, pack, deliver/collect, Inspect/restock and processing fee. This Is if the goods are still In Melbourne. If the order has already left Melbourne, then the store/customer must expect to pay (In addition) any freight costs Incurred up until that point - both the outbound and return journey to the carrier depot or to our warehouse. 

We deliver free of charge to your nominated carrier in Melbourne and to your business account address if located in Melbourne Metro. Any warranty replacements are delivered free of charge as per the original order, however, we do not compensate nor are we liable for any customer replacement freight or Installation charges incurred by carriers from Melbourne to Interstate destinations, or from your delivery address to and from the end user. Those costs are to be borne by you (our customer) in all circumstances. 



For all warranty information, please see our warranty page here: http://bradshawaustralia.com.au/warranty


Website Use

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All dimensions are accurate according to manufacturers specifications. We take no responsibility for dimensions that are differnt to the ones shown on the site, and we accept no responsibilty for errors and omissions where dimensions are different to the ones shown. 

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By creating an account on our website, you are agreeing to us sending you information via email. This may be special offers, company information, price lists, product information etc. We do not pass on or share any of your information with 3rd parties. You will have the option to opt out of emails in any of the email correspondence sent to you.


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You agree to all the above terms and conditions when ordering on the site, via telephone order, email order or fax order.