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VENICE White Glass Mirror Tallboy 5 Drawer


H110cm x W90cm x D45cm

Venice White Glass Mirrored Tallboy 5 Drawer

Elegant and sleek, the Venice range of mirrored furniture is aimed at, and designed for the smaller to medium size room. When space is at a premium, the Venice mirrored range will fit right in!

4mm Beveled silver mirror

Rounded and polished corners and edges

Crystal effect, acrylic handle

SKU 1005
Country of Manufacture China
Product Care
  • Use a good quality glass cleaner with a clean micro fibre cloth. Ensure no swarf is on the cloth or this may scratch the surface.  Spray cleaner onto the cloth and never directly onto the product. Handles must not be overtightened. Hand tighten handles only or this can lead to the mirror/glass cracking. 
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects
  • Avoid hard physical impact
  • Avoid continuous rubbing/contact with objects
  • Avoid sustained contact with water, damp, moisture and heat
  • Avoid contact with thinners, turpentine, or other liquids such as nail polish remover
  • Never use abrasives, thinners, corrosives, solvents or powder based cleaning agents to clean your furniture
  • Item must not be subjected to excessive humidity, and is not recommended to be used in a bathroom, or any room with excess moisture
  • Item must not be subjected to salt water (this includes in the air) environments, as this may lead to corrosion. 
  • Drawer runners may require a small amount of lubrication over time. We suggest WD40
Bed Size N/A
Height 110cm
Width 90cm
Length / Depth 45cm
Headboard Height No
Footboard Height No
Color White
Material Toughened Glass
Product Weight 77 KGS
Packed CBM .735
Packed Carton Dimensions/Weight - HEADBOARD ONLY No
Packed Carton Dimensions/Weight FOOTBOARD ONLY No
Packed Carton Dimensions/Weight HMF No
Packed Carton Dimensions/Weight SIDE RAILS & SLATS No
Packed Carton Dimensions/Weight SIDE RAILS No
Packed Carton Dimensions/Weight SLATS No
Slat Material No
Floor - Underside Side Rail Height No