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CASSANDRA 5 Drawer Tallboy

  • Dimensions: H120CM x W95CM x D46cm


  • FIS to Capital Cities only. Onward freight from Capital Cities is to be covered by the recipient

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  • Cassandra Range


    The Cassandra bedroom range is inspired by classic French furniture and adapted to suit modern design. Moulded edging, individual brass nail buttoning and a washed finish are just some of the features that make this suite a work of master craftsmanship.

    Solid European Oak

    Lime wire brush finish

    Dovetail joints

    European Oak is a diverse hardwood timber, recognised around the world for it’s strength and stability. It has light-coloured sapwood and a light to dark brown heartwood. It’s mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture and large distinctive growth rings which give it it’s individual character. With a large variety of applications, Oak is particularly well known for its use in premium grade furniture. The distinctive grain patterns in the woods surface ensure every piece of furniture assembled is unique and one of a kind.

    Cassandra Specification Detail

    • FIS to Capital Cities only. Onward freight from Capital Cities is to be covered by the recipient
    SKU 912
    Country of Manufacture Vietnam
    Product Care
    • Avoid contact with sharp objects
    • Avoid hard physical Impact
    • Avoid continuous rubbing/contact with objects
    • Avoid sustained contact with water, damp heat or moisture. Items that should not be placed onto the wood service are: (but not limited to); cups, glasses, hair curlers, hair dryers, plates,  or any unit that generates heat or moisture. Damage to the unit from events such as this are not covered under warranty. 
    • Avoid contact with chemicals - thinners, turpentine, and/or other liquids such as nail polish remover
    • Never use abrasives, thinners, corrosives, solvents or powder based cleaning agents to clean your furniture
    • Do not place the fabric or unit in direct sunlight or near heaters as they can fade and dame the fabric or unit
    • Cut loose threads, do not pull them
    • Dust and dirt cause the fabric to wear quicker, as such we recommend vacuming occasionally
    • If stained, treat immediately. Use a high quality fabric stain remover, and blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean dry white cloth. Do not blot stain with the white cloth until the stain no longer transfers onto the cloth - This may take several repeated attempts
    • Once you have removed as much of the stain as possible, blot remaining cleaner from the fabric
    • We recommend the upholstery be cleaned annually by a professional person
    Bed Size N/A
    Height 120CM
    Width 95CM
    Length / Depth 46cm
    Headboard Height No
    Footboard Height No
    Color No
    Material No
    Product Weight 60kg
    Slat Material N/A
    Floor - Underside Side Rail Height No